About Me

My name is Inge Gisela Bundchen and I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner practicing in Prescott, Arizona.  As a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner, I provide psychiatric evaluations, psychotherapy and medication management for adults.  I believe psychiatric care involves first and foremost operating from a position of unconditional regard for each person.  From this perspective I take the time to get to know you, your particular challenges as well as your goals of treatment.  In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere,  together we will work toward achieving your goals.

I earned both a Bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as a Master’s degree in nursing at Arizona State University.  I began my career as a registered nurse, working in the areas of Medical/Surgical and Cardiac nursing.  After completing my Master’s degree in Nursing, I transitioned into my current career as a nurse practitioner in Durango, Colorado where I worked with both children and adults at a community mental health center.  Since that time my experiences have been comprehensive.  In addition to establishing my own outpatient practice in 2013, I have continued my work in community mental health, provided psychiatric care at a residential treatment center for teenage girls, served as primary psychiatric practitioner for several drug rehab facilities in Prescott and provided psychiatric evaluations for the juvenile court system in Durango and Prescott.

I have a strong interest in combining the modalities of both eastern and western philosophy and am a proponent of mindfulness, meditation and yoga.  I believe in the essential wholeness of each individual and operate from this perspective, helping you to uncover your true nature.